“...Gina Villalobos' compositions are not so simple, coming off the speakers like holographic cracker jack surprises that reveal a new depth with the slightest shift in light. Days On Their Side finds her taking on the Lucinda Williams/ Sheryl Crow model to a new level ”AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE

“...One of those recordings you'll be playing in a decade, it's timeless and combines every element that makes 
a recording a classic....It doesn't get much 
better than this...."

"...Full of confident, instantly addictive alt country rock songs sung in a great voice that's not only like-able but like someone you can believe.” MOJO MAGAZINE

What a great rock album is supposed to sound like…electricity and honesty… A skillfull amalagon of indie rock, country and pop….defies easy classification...” ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE.

"...Unquestionably the finest voice in the country-rock genre today… VIillalobos is an artist that others will be compared to in the very near future...” POP MATTERS.

“...Villalobos' melodies remind one of the best Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, and John Mellencamp.She often slowly builds the intensity of a song in an almost cinematic manner, setting a mood, introducing a plot,then moving in for the emotional kill." VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE 

"Abundant lyric and musical hooks. This is intriguing stuff..." NO DEPRESSION

“Villalobos has the restlessness of the most moving country music but she combines it with a rock spirit that is always forthright and never forced...” HARP MAGAZINE

Villalobos has honed her particular craft to a razor sharpedge, her weary, sometimes strained, whiskey-and-smoke voice epitomizing years on the road and countless nights staring into a lone spotlight and spinning her poetic tales with a quiet, visceral intensity....”

“The name Gina Villalobos and the words “Best-of-List” will likely be placed together fairly often, once the end of 2009 begins to roll into 2010....”